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Dutch Way Cleaning Services can help you minimize your popular asthma triggers at home and at work.

Use man-made fibers, not feathers.
Replace feather and down-filled pillows, quilts, and cushions with those filled with man-made fibers. Also, consider blinds instead of curtains and wood floors rather than carpets.

Don't allow smoking inside.
Cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke are known asthma irritants and will often linger in a house long after the smoker has left.

Remove mold.
Increased moisture in the home can encourage mold growth. Wherever and whenever you find mold, use bleach to destroy it. If the odor from bleach is a trigger for you, wear a mask or have someone do the cleaning for you. Or you can use a dehumidifier to prevent it from growing in the first place.

Eliminate mites.
Keep your home as dust-free as possible. Cover pillows, mattresses, and box springs with zippered, dust-proof covers and wash all bed sheets and blankets in hot water (at least 130?F) once a week.

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